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Certification of Vehicle of Historical Interest

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  • Preçário das certificações
    Clássicos (mais de 30 anos) e Pré-clássicos (entre 20 e 29 anos) – 75€ Renovações (automóveis) – 75€ Motos – 45€ Renovações (motos) – 45€
  • Classic KITS Portugal
    • Classic Portugal KITs are paid for at the time of ordering. When purchasing the KIT you automatically belong to the group, with no additional costs. • To cancel your membership in the group, simply communicate via email to The value of the KIT is non-refundable. • The Whatsapp group is exclusive to the KIT Clássicos Portugal holder, if they agree to join. • CLASSIC KIT: valid for owners of classic or period sports vehicles. • FRIEND KIT: valid for the owner's family and friends.
  • Contactos Tel +351 969 866 778 Linha WhatsApp +351 969 866 778 As certificações podem ser feitas em locais pré-definidos, sob marcação. (*chamada para rede nacional)
  • Data protection
    • Your data is protected under current legislation. By submitting our forms, you are authorizing the Clássicos Portugal group to include your email in our community lists. • The data provided here will only be for internal use by Clássicos Portugal and will never be transmitted to third parties. • We will use your data to disseminate information about events held by Clássicos Portugal. • You may, at any time, request removal from the communication list by sending an email to with the subject "Remove from communication list".
  • Validade das certificações
    Veículos produzidos até 1918 – 10 anos Veículos produzidos de 1919 até 1945 – 8 anos Veículos produzidos de 1946 até 1960 – 6 anos Veículos produzidos após 1960 – 4 anos Veículos com menos de 30 anos (Futuros Clássicos) – 4 anos
  • Como aderir
    Escolhe a opção e preenche o formulário de adesão; Ligue 969 866 778 (dias úteis das 16h às 20h) Envie um e-mail para Participa num dos nossos eventos aqui
  • IPO and IUC exemption
    Exemption of all vehicles over 30 years old from IPO and exemption from payment of Single Road Tax.
  • Access to the Classics Portugal passport
    THE PASSPORT is a document that can record all vehicle activities, including tours, meetings and inspections. It is a document that values all activities with your classic, it is only issued by Classics Portugal .
  • Newsletter
    Receive the “Antigos” newsletter and specific information first-hand.
  • Membership conditions
    Jewelry (worth €20) Senior Member – €40 annual fee Junior Member* – €20 annual fee Members with paid dues for 4 years: Offer of a Classic Vehicle Certification * Members without a vehicle All Clube Clássicos Portugal Members can take advantage of the benefits, discounts, events and initiatives of the club and the association.
  • Insurance at an unbeatable price
    Below €50 for approved vehicles and €70 for pre-classics. Know more
  • Be part of the Clube Clássicos Portugal
    Being part of the Clube Clássicos Portugal opens the door to a range of savings and useful services for any enthusiast of vintage vehicles, but it is also the gateway to a dynamic and supportive community, marked by conviviality and sharing of knowledge.
  • Technical consultancy
    Technical consultancy during the restoration phase and whenever needed, with access to a vast thematic library.
  • How long are gift vouchers valid for?
    Gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.
  • Can the gift voucher be extended?
    The gift voucher cannot be extended after 12 months.
  • Como faço para resgatar o meu vale presente?
    Uma vez registado, o seu vale presente pode ser usado ‘on-line’ ou por telefone ao reservar experiências. Ele também pode ser usado para pagar na íntegra, ou pagamento parcial qualquer um dos nossos produtos e serviços.
  • What happens when the gift card expires?
    After 12 months, the gift card will expire and any remaining balance will be removed.
  • Can I return/refund an item that was purchased with a gift card?
    Items and experiences that are booked and paid for using a gift card may be refunded, but the payment will be refunded to an account as a credit rather than the gift card. Experience refunds must be made within 48 hours of the booking date.
  • How can I check my gift card balance?
    You can check your gift card balance on your profile within Classics Portugal: My orders
  • Terms and conditions
    Terms and conditions: Your gift card is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. To protect your gift card if it is lost or stolen, call Customer Service at 969 866 778. Your gift card must be registered before use.
  • At what age is it considered a classic?
    Classic vehicles from 30 years of age (from the time of first registration) running on petrol or diesel, in their original factory condition or with period modifications, are considered classic vehicles.
  • I have more classic vehicles. Should I register them?
    Yes. If you want them to be part of our database and have an online gallery, you must register all your classic vehicles. We may have events dedicated to specific brands and/or models and, if they are part of the database, you will be notified.
  • How can I remove one of my classics from the website?
    Send an email to indicating the vehicle and requesting its removal from the database.
  • What about pre-classic vehicles?
    Vehicles that are at least 25 years old (first registration number), powered by gasoline or diesel and of a classic or sporty nature or with unusual engines within their factory originality are considered .
  • How can I get in touch with Classics Portugal?
    You can get in touch with Classics Portugal through: Mobile: 969 866 778 Mail: Or at our meetings, outings and events.
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