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Retrovision Classic Car Photo Contest

A classic car transcends mere mechanics; it is a unique journey, an experience that goes beyond the roads. With the aim of capturing the essence of these unique moments, we present the "RetroVisão"(retrovision) photography competition, an initiative of Clássicos Portugal.

Important informations

The event will be held on the Instagram platform, from January 1st to April 30th, 2024, providing four months to highlight the best photographs that immortalise adventures, moments and emotions linked to classic cars, thus celebrating the rich automobile culture.


Important Details:

* Competition period: January 1st to April 30th, 2024.
* Winners announcement: May 5, 2024.
* Prizes: The winners receive a Classics Portugal voucher to purchase products on our website worth €50 and will have the opportunity to be part of our photography exhibition at the prestigious Baldaya Palace.


Participation Rules:

* Use the hashtags #ClassicosPortugal #retrovisao and tagand to participate.
* Images must capture moments involving classic cars.
* By submitting a photograph to the competition you undertake that the image in question is your legitimate authorship or that you legitimately hold its copyright. 
* Participants must have public profiles, follow Clássicos Portugal and agree to the use of their images for future social content.


Important Notes:

*The competition is exclusive to residents of Portugal.
* At the end of each month, the authors of the three best photographs will be notified and must send the winning images to Clássicos Portugal for subsequent publication.
* The three best images will be shared on Clássicos Portugal's social networks, providing recognition and prominence to the talented participants.


Join us on this journey through time, where the passion for the classics turns into photographic art!

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