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Manual payments


If you choose manual payment, send us the proof of payment.

You will receive a member pin, passport It is the Clube Clássicos Portugal card, to take advantage of all discounts and offers without restrictionss or limits.

Payment of dues can be made by MBWay969 866 778

or by transfer:
IBAN: PT50 0033 0000 4569 8514 3860 5 – BIC/SWIFT: BCOMPTPL – BANCO MILLENNIUM / BCP.


Member type

Senior Member - 40+20 = €60

Junior Member - 20+20 =40 € (up to 17)

By advancing, I declare that I wish to become a member of Clássicos Portugal in accordance with the statutes of which I have become aware, accepting the obligation to pay the dues, benefiting from the offers and discounts that Clube Clássicos Portugal provides to members of the community.
I also confirm that the personal data provided for this purpose are true and I accept the terms and conditions and Privacy Policy from Clássicos Portugal, expressing my free consent.

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