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About Classics Portugal

We are a community of aficionados of the most diverse ages, professions, geographies and interests who share a passion for classic vehicles and Portuguese culture. It is from this desire and desire to bring together car lovers with historical interest, from the north to the south of Portugal, that the Club  Classics Portugal.

Our mission is to be a permanent meeting point, debate, support and social interaction for everyone who shares our love for classic vehicles and Portugal. We exchange ideas, arrange meetings, share events, live together and promote Portuguese heritage, with pleasure and responsibility.

We want to reach all lovers of classic vehicles (with 2, 3, 4 or more wheels), whether bicycles, motorbikes, cars, classics or sports cars. The Club Classics Portugal aims to create and develop a dynamic, lively, enlightened, convivial and pleasant community, which can reach all owners, collectors or mere lovers of those vehicles and of Portugal, its culture and its intergenerational territory.

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